Signal-Integrity deals with operations directly on the PCB. The proper circuit function in terms of crosstalk, timing and TML-impedance matching is detailed examined.

Simulative radiation and irradiation studies represent equivalent measurements in the EMC chamber. The goal of such investigations are to determine which PCB circuits are most frequency sensitive. Layout changes of PCB transmission lines could be analysed regarding effectiveness right before measurements again are carried out.

ESD simulations help to estimates which PCB component size and locations are critical for the unloading respond. This catches the case of malfunctions and goes up to permanent damage of affected PCB components. The ESD gun replica and the modeling of the electromagnetic discharge requires 3D simulation tool.

Signal-Integrity (SI)

PCB Oberfl�chenstr�me

Circuit-Analysis of the Layout

Investigation Effect to
Timing Eye-Diagram
Impedance Irradation/Emission
Crosstalk Circuit-Function
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Radiated Immunity/Emission (RI/RE)

Ele-mag Einkopplung in Schirmdeckel

Simulation concern

Investigation Effect to
Analysis of Coppling-Effects
Irradation PCB Voltage-Values
PCB Surface-Currents
Emission Electromagnetic-Field-Analysis
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Electrostat. Discharge (ESD)

ESD Entladung GND Platte

ESD-Simulation consider

Setting Effect to
ESD-Gun Position/Orientation Discharge Path
Discharge Voltage PCB Surface-Current
Discharge Duration Voltage-Drop over Component
ESD-Table-GND Sensitivity
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