Sensors and Test-Drives


The sensor model replica is our domain. This concerns both the modelling of the sensor frontend as well as the downstream signal processing. The sensor models are each based on the specific application optimized and adapted to individual customer requirements. The following sensor signal processing stages will be distinguished:

  • Sensor-Frontend (antenna,membrane,lens,etc.)
  • Digital Signal-Processor (Object-Recognization)
  • µ-Processor (Object-Classification)
  • Sensor-Output (CAN-Bus,etc.)

The characterization of the frontend can be both simulative, as well metrologically be made.

Virtual Test Drives

FrontMod uses various simulation tools to simulate test drives on the computer. In-house or customized sensor models can be integrated into the vehicle model. These test drives can be completely specified by the customer regarding:

  • Vehicle-Typ
  • Route-Description
  • Environment-Description
  • Scenario-Description
  • Recorded-Parameter

FrontMod offers the following services in the field of sensitivity studies:

  • Optimized sensor-mounting position
  • Dependency analysis of sensor and vehicle parameters on the detection result
  • Route analysis when parking, etc.

The virtual test drives are carried out on customer request for both SIL and HIL applications. Contact us over XING or write us an email.

EMC Simulation

FrontMod offers services in all stages of the EMC validation. Starting from studies at the PCB level in the signal integrity domain, via validation of design prototypes, to the actual product validation.

Due to many years of simulation experience in the automotive industry we know the needs and constraints of our customers.Metrological Investigations are tedious, costly and often provide none clear statements. Due to measuring arrangement measuring probes can not always be attached to the DUT to detect root-cause. This is where the advantage of simulation comes into play:

  • Feasibility studies based on geometric estimates
  • Analysis results in the presence of the PCB layout data
  • Simulative determination of all currents and voltages on the PCB and the housing
  • Analysis of large frequency ranges
  • Parameter studies from design variants to SMD component variations
  • High accuracy in sensitivity studies and therefore clear testify

Especially through the interaction between measurement and simulation technology sustainable synergies can be generated through better understanding your product and consequently increasing your quality. FrontMod would like to provide you support. Contact us over XING or write us an email.